Oltrans App Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Using the Oltrans application you agree with the terms and conditions according to the following

General Agreement

for the provision of language services and use of the Oltrans mobile application


Revision: 13 April 2021


This General Agreement regulates the provision of language services by Oltrans Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the CONTRACTOR) with registered office and address of management: 152, 6-ti Septemvri Blvd., Plovdiv 4000, Bulgaria, UIC: 160103244, VAT No. BG160103244, represented by Sotir Rangelov in his capacity as manager, and the use of the Oltrans application (hereinafter referred to as Oltrans), property of the CONTRACTOR.

The services are aimed at users (hereinafter referred to as USERS) who want to order a translation of a document or text. The services are intended to ensure that USERS receive content relating only to them, and, more specifically, that the Oltrans application will not send out information that is not of interest to the user concerned. The Services will be provided in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions below.



1.1. The USER shall assign, and the CONTRACTOR shall agree to translate documents and texts from and into the languages maintained by the CONTRACTOR. The volume of the text, the type of text, the set deadline, the language combination and the type of service will be agreed for each individual order, and the price will be determined according to the current price list of the CONTRACTOR.

1.2. Registration in the Oltrans application

During the registration process, the CONTRACTOR shall require the following basic details of the client: name, surname, email.

1.3. After registration in the Oltrans application, the CONTRACTOR shall contact the USER, using the contact details provided, to send an identification number for registration in the application and to send a notification for the submitted offer.

1.4. Using the Oltrans app

When using the Oltrans application, the CONTRACTOR will receive information about the name and description of the document or text to be translated, the language combination, the specialization, the deadline. The CONTRACTOR will also receive information about the way the USER uses the application: sections visited, screens viewed within each session, number of clicks and number of scrolls. The CONTRACTOR will also process the Client ID, information about the version of the operating system used, the device ID, the system language, and the selected country.

1.5. Login data

The login data of the USER shall be collected and used to log in. To keep the USER from having to log into the application every time, his / her login data will be stored in an encrypted form in the application until he / she logs out of his / her account.



2.1. The CONTRACTOR undertakes to:

start performing the assigned work immediately after confirmation of the offer and submission of the document(s) for translation;

submit the finished translation no later than the set deadline;

protect the trade secrets of the USER which have become known to the CONTRACTOR during and in connection with performance of the work;

provide a high-quality, timely and accurate translation that is as faithful to the original as possible. The CONTRACTOR shall be responsible for the accuracy of the translation provided by them;

The CONTRACTOR shall not reject the work assigned to them, except for valid reasons, which must be duly reasoned;

The CONTRACTOR shall have the right to choose the party which will perform the translation as they deem fit without the express consent of the USER being necessary.

The CONTRACTOR shall be responsible for the quality of the work performed by their employees;

if the USER finds a substantial error in the meaning of the provided translation, they shall have the right, within one month after receiving the finished translation, to demand that the CONTRACTOR make any necessary corrections to the translation free of charge. To this aim, the USER shall point out the particular parts of the translation that are to be corrected.

The CONTRACTOR shall not initiate the execution of a given order before it has been paid for by the USER. The deadline for such orders shall be extended with the respective period from the date of receiving the payment.

2.2. Calculation of the translation volume and providing a quote to the USER

The CONTRACTOR shall calculate the text volume in accordance with the generally accepted norms in the translation industry in the Republic of Bulgaria, namely per translation page based on the source text. One translation page equals 1,800 characters including the spaces. For documents where the source text cannot be calculated, the translation shall be calculated based on the target text. An approximate quote shall be provided, with a warning of possible changes. According to this unit of measure, the CONTRACTOR shall provide a quote to the USER for each individual translation request.



3.1. The USER undertakes to:

voluntarily decide to download the Oltrans application from the application store of his operating system and install it on his mobile device;

to complete the required registration in the Oltrans mobile application, following the steps provided by the CONTRACTOR;

to provide the CONTRACTOR, within the agreed term, with the complete information and documentation required, necessary for the CONTRACTOR to complete each separate order assigned, and to provide the CONTRACTOR with the necessary assistance;

to pay the full price of the assigned order before its execution by the CONTRACTOR;

payment can be made in the following ways:

One Touch

Easy and secure payment by debit / credit card. The service is provided by EPay AD.


ePay.bg is a Bulgarian system for electronic payments. The Oltrans application redirects to the ePay.bg payments page. The USER needs to have a registered account. ePay.bg provides the following payment options: from the USER’s account, at an EasyPay cash desk or at an ATM using B-Pay.


PayPal is an international electronic payment system. The Oltrans application redirects to the PayPal payments page. The USER needs to have a registered account.

Bank Transfer

The USER orders transfer of the required amount to the company account of the CONTRACTOR.

Account Holder: Oltrans Ltd.

Bank: UniCredit Bulbank

Account No.: BG37 UNCR 7000 1522 8930 02


Reason: Quote Q-xxx


The USER can pay in cash at any Easypay office (EasyPay AD) and in most branches of: First Investment Bank, Central Cooperative Bank, D Bank, TeximBank, Office 1 Superstore, Billa, Piccadilly, Fantastico, etc.

If this payment method is selected, all necessary details will be provided.


4.1. The price of each order will be determined individually according to the volume of the text to be translated, the type of text, the language combination, the selected service, the deadline and the current prices at the time of the request.



5.1. The deadline for each order will be determined individually according to the volume of the text to be translated, the type of text, the language combination, the selected service at the time of the request.



6.1. The CONTRACTOR is obliged to accept lawful payments made with any bank card bearing the trademarks of Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, BORICA and others.

6.2. The CONTRACTOR, using the authorization system of EPay AD, shall have the right to reject a payment by bank card in case of:

bank card invalidity;

failure to obtain confirmation of the operation;

doubt as to the legitimacy of the operation;

failed identification (authentication) of the cardholder for payments made at a virtual POS terminal.

6.3. The CONTRACTOR shall refund the amounts paid by the USER to their card, in case of failure to provide the ordered services, or when in breach of this General Agreement.

6.4. The CONTRACTOR undertakes to obtain the explicit and unconditional confirmation of the USER that the USER has read and accepted this General Agreement in advance and recognized it as a condition for the payment of the order to be processed.

6.5. The CONTRACTOR undertakes not to impose any requirements on the USER regarding the minimum value of the services purchased, or other such requirements, as a condition for payments by bank card.

6.6. The CONTRACTOR undertakes not to charge any additional fees and commissions to the prices of the services at the time of purchase based on the method of payment.



7.1. The USER has the right to select any method of payment for the order that is convenient to him/her from the payment options provided by the CONTRACTOR in the Oltrans application.

7.2. The USER may cancel the order within 3 hours after its confirmation by notifying the CONTRACTOR in writing via email;

7.3. The USER has no right to demand a refund of the payment amount in case the order is cancelled 3 hours after its confirmation;

7.4. The USER shall pay the value of the work performed by the CONTRACTOR, but not less than 30% of the total value of the order, should the order be cancelled 3 hours after its confirmation;

7.5. Under the circumstances set out in item 7.2., the amount shall be refunded to the same card that the order was paid for with.

7.6. The refund of the amount shall be given within 10 /ten/ working days from the cancellation request.



8.1. In the case of a version of the General Terms and Conditions in another language, the Bulgarian language shall prevail. All other language versions are for information purposes exclusively.



9.1. The CONTRACTOR reserves the right to amend this General Agreement in the event of changes in the local legislation, the rules of the International Card Organizations or other changes in regulatory requirements.

9.2. The Parties agree to settle any disputes that might arise during implementation of the Agreement by means of negotiation, and should this prove impossible – in accordance with the Civil Procedure Code.


10.1. The processing of personal data by translators in the course of their normal professional activity does not require the consent of the individuals concerned or signing of any forms and declarations. For reference – the explanations of the CPDP, published on their website in the section “Be informed”, subsections “Current issues of public interest” and “Information and explanatory materials under Regulation (EU) 2016/679”.

10.02. According to the Electronic Communications Act (ECA), Art. 261, “The establishment of calls,

messages or electronic mail with or without human intervention for the purposes of direct marketing and advertising shall be allowed only in respect of consumers who have given their prior consent. The consent may be withdrawn at any time.

Any person who or which, in the context of a commercial transaction for the provision of products or services, has obtained data through which electronic contact can be established with the consumer, may use the said data for the dispatch of a marketing message and advertising for its own similar products or services provided that the said person gives each consumer the opportunity, free of charge and in an easy manner:

  1. to object at the time of conclusion of the transaction;
  2. to refuse to receive such communications in future in case the consumer has not done so at the

time of conclusion of the transaction. ”

For any issues not settled in this Agreement, the provisions of the Obligations and Contracts Act shall apply.