with quality guaranteed as per ISO 17100:2015 standard

Certified Translation of Documents

Private Documents

Certified translation of documents issued in Bulgaria for use in other countries and of documents issued in other countries for use in Bulgaria: birth certificates, marriage certificates, certificates of marital status, diplomas of secondary and higher education.

Corporate Documents

Certified translation of documents issued in Bulgaria for use in other countries and of documents issued in other countries for use in Bulgaria: declarations, powers of attorney, invoices, accounting documents, court rulings, memorandums of association, minutes of meetings

Certification and Legalisation

The Oltrans agency offers certification of documents, which is performed at all state institutions and embassies in Bulgaria. Oltrans Ltd. has concluded Agreement No. 1889/2012 with the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for performing certified translations. In the Republic of Bulgaria only agencies approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have the right to translate documents for legalisation.

Education in Bulgaria, Plovdiv

Documents During and Following a Course of Education in Bulgaria

Translation of documents into Bulgarian for education in Bulgaria:

  • translation of a diploma
  • translation of a certificate

Translation into English and legalisation of diplomas, issued by universities or colleges in Bulgaria.

Accommodation and Orientation in Plovdiv

Help for finding and renting accommodation, an apartment. Choice depending on location, size, extras, price.

A brief tour of Plovdiv for the purpose of orientation and becoming familiar with major locations - the city centre, landmarks, restaurants.

Universities and Colleges in Plovdiv

We can help you select the right institution of higher education - university or college. Programmes, location, tuition fees. Help in choosing and enrolling.

Services for the Business

Participation in Fairs and Conferences

We assist you with your participation in fairs - as exhibitors or guests. Assistance with searching for accommodation, translation of advertising materials, finding translators. Sofia, Plovdiv, Burgas, Varna. Some of the events in Bulgaria

Positioning in Bulgaria

Assistance with searching for and renting or purchasing offices or manufacturing buildings. Providing a lawyer or an accountant. Translation of contracts into Bulgarian: representative agreement, agreement for purchasing/selling of company/shares, agreement for renting/purchasing of office/building, translation of a website into Bulgarian, translation of advertising materials.

Useful Information

U.S. embassy in Sofia

  • 16 Kozyak Str., zhil. grupa Yuzhen Park 1407, Sofia city

British embassy in Sofia

  • 9, Moskovska Str., 1000 Sofia city

Australian Consulate in Sofia

  • 37 Trakia Str., 1527 Sofia city

Services for Translation Agencies

Translation into Bulgarian

Oltrans is a reliable partner for the translation of texts and documents into Bulgarian. We have in-house translators fluent in English, Greek and Turkish. A large database of freelance translators into and from Bulgarian who have proven themselves with their work. References from other agencies - upon request.

Desktop Publishing Services

Processing of texts in preparation for translation with CAT tools. Texts in the Cyrillic script - Bulgarian, Russian, Serbian; Latin script - Romanian, Turkish, English, German, French, etc.; Greek alphabet - Greek.

  • Conversion of images and PDF files into DOCX files.
  • Extraction of texts from QuarkXpress, Indesign, Autocad, etc.
  • Importing of texts after translation into QuarkXpress, Indesign, Autocad, etc.
  • DTP after importing - text arrangement, checking for incorrectly or not fully imported text or text corrupted during importing process.

Quality Control in Bulgarian

  • Proofreading of Bulgarian texts
  • Quality assurance after a translation with a CAT tool
  • Transcribing
  • Dubbing of audio and video files


We are Oltrans

Oltrans Ltd. is a Bulgarian company, striving to provide the best services in the field of translations from and into Bulgarian.
Since the very beginning the agency has introduced a new generation of work process, using innovative methods and tools, such as a project management system and computer-assisted translation software.

Since the beginning of its business activity and continuing in the present day, according to the opinions and feedback from our clients, our agency has established itself on the market with high quality of the provided services, correct behaviour to the clients and partners, professionalism and competence of the employees.

Oltrans' Team


60 000 +

translated pages

3 600 +

completed projects

1 300 +

served clients

3 / 2 000 +

in-house translators / freelancers

Head Office, town of Plovdiv, Bulgaria